Luke 15:11-32 tells us about the lost son.  The one who wants to grab his inheritance, spread his wings, and go live life to the fullest.  

Many stories have been told about the lost son.  But today I want to talk about being welcomed home.  I want to talk about returning home.  Not because we are lost but because we have moved away from home.

The other day while on my walk with Jesus, I started thinking about our 3 grown children.  Two live away from home and my youngest is finishing up college. Yes, it makes me happy to have one still at home.  

I started thinking about them returning home for a visit and how much fun we have. I get so very excited to see them.  We plan big dinners, shopping trips, and long hours around the table talking, reminiscing, and planning for the future…always giving glory to our God.  Doing all of this in total love for each other.  Hugging, kissing, laughing and holding on tightly.

As I continued walking my path and wiping away my momma tears, my attention turned to Jesus.  I thought about how He longs for us, just like we long for our family.

I thought about the table prepared for us.  I saw in my spirit Jesus standing with arms wide open.  Just like I do when my family drives up the driveway.  

We enter into His presence, awe struck by His GLORY.  Can you just imagine that day?  Can you image how much Jesus longs to be with us?  Daily He welcomes us home.  Daily He calls out for us.  Daily He beckons us with His love.  Daily He sets a table before us.  Daily we are blessed by His beauty.

He wants us – He welcomes us – He longs for us.  Just as we long for our families whom we are separated from.  Do we long to be with Jesus as much as He longs for us?

Home…..there is no place like it.  Home….where Jesus resides…..Home where we belong. He has prepared the place.  He has set the table. I can hear Him say….the children are home.  JustAsk

I remain in His peace to love and serve,

Nancy Lennert

Board President RBCC/TSN

Author and Speaker

©2022 Reading Berks Conference of Churches


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