I would like to share with you my “switch”.  What words am I using?  What thoughts am I thinking?  What am I looking at?  What am I dreaming about?  Am I dreaming at all?  Here is a good one, what is my focus?

Here comes the “switch”.  I use to look at, focus on the….negative ‘what ifs’.  Not a good place to be.  This ‘what if’ place can bring doubt, fear, defeat, depression, self-condemnation, and needless worry.

I will never forget the moment of my switch.  A few years ago I was driving and in the midst of much conversation and confusion in the car, I pulled out in front of a truck.  Never saw him.  My daughter asked me, “Mom did you not see that truck?”  I was horrified.  How could that happen?  Where was my focus?  How could I do that?  I was beating myself up on that negative ‘what if’.

After three days of beating myself up, asking over and over again how could I have been so blinded? What if something happened? THEN…….

I heard, as if behind me, His voice came and said…..BUT IT DIDN’T!

You see I was so focused on what could have happened that I neglected what DID NOT HAPPEN.  The switch came and I was at peace.  I took my focus off of me and put it directly on Jesus who through the Holy Ghost gave me peace and secured my thoughts on Him and His protection over us.

Could this have played out differently, it sure could have, BUT IT DIDN’T.  We all tend to look at the negative ‘what ifs’. It is important that we make the switch and not focus on us and our mistakes but look at Him and what He has provided.

So…the switch is to SEE HIS WORKS and to watch our focus….it needs to be on Jesus, the lover of our souls.  Nancy

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