Workshops for 2016 have not yet been determined. Please check back frequently for any updates.

RBCC is excited to offer a schedule of workshops for 2015. These workshops are designed for teams of 3-5 people attending from a single congregation. All workshops will be offered as one-session, two-hour events. Times, days of the week, and locations vary; details follow each description and are repeated in the registration process. On-line registration is accessible by clicking on the links provided. Please contact our office with any questions. Cost for each workshop is $10 per person. Scholarships may be available.

We hope you will take advantage of one or more of these workshops! They are designed to help both you, as an individual, and your congregation as a whole, grow and flourish as the Body of Christ. Remember, teams of 3-5 people from each congregation should plan to attend together. Hope to see you soon!

Inviting & Creative Outreach for Ordinary Congregations

If you’re one of the majority of congregations that average 100 or less in weekend worship, this workshop is for you! Reaching out to your community doesn’t mean you need a ton of people or a huge budget. We’ll discuss some easy, low-cost, low-stress ways to let your community know you’re there, and invite them to get to know God through your congregation. Expect lots of creativity and to leave with a workable plan.

Dates/Times/Location: TBA

Leadership: Team Formation & Meeting Management

So you’ve been asked to be the chairperson, the leader, the manager of a committee/task force/team….now what!? Doing it all yourself isn’t the answer, but how do you begin to build the team? Leadership can be hard work, but in this workshop we’ll look at how to share the workload, how to identify others who are a great fit, and how to make the most of your meeting time. We’ll look at some examples of leaders in the Bible and develop a plan to move forward.

Dates/Times/Location: TBA

Hospitality 101

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! This workshop will cover those things that can help make that first visit to a congregation more welcoming. We’ll look at everything from signs and the parking lot, to phrases and greetings, to the bulletin and worship service, even the bathroom! The goal is not just to make a good first impression, but to help you connect in a way which increases the potential of new people becoming regular attendees.

Dates/Times/Location: TBA

Church Communication 101

Bulletins, Newsletters, Signs! Oh My!! (Not to mention emails, websites & Facebook pages) With so many communication tools at the church’s disposal, how do we know what to use and when? Are some ways more useful than others? Will anyone ever respond? These questions and more will be discussed at this workshop as we work through the timeless topic of communication. Fortunately, Jesus was the Great Communicator and we can take some cues from His example. Together, we’ll help each congregation tweak what they’re already doing and help develop plans for the future.

Dates/Times/Location: TBA

Back to Basics: Making Disciples

Every congregation knows Jesus’ command to make disciples should be an integral part of church-life, and yet sometimes we struggle with how that gets accomplished and what it really looks like. In this workshop, we’ll do some self-assessment to get an idea of what we already do well, and then spend some time on those areas that might be sagging a bit. We’ll look at four essential themes from the early church and end the session developing your unique plan to move forward.

Dates/Times/Location: TBA

Growth: Attracting, Retaining, and Engaging Members

While no one wants growth just for the numbers, we realize that attracting and retaining people to healthy congregations is part of the way the Holy Spirit draws people to God. And once there, becoming full participants in the life of the church can bring personal growth and deeper discipleship. Join this workshop as we help you build on what your congregation is called to be: how to fine-tune what makes it attractive, where to connect guests so they’ll return, and how to engage everyone, both new and long-time attendees, in the fellowship.

Dates/Times/Location: TBA

Here’s what people are saying
about RBCC Workshops:

Inviting and Creative Outreach

  • It’s hands-on and I went home with a project
  • It is a fresh way of dealing with a critical issue
  • A lot of simple, inexpensive ideas were given

Church Communication 101

  • It was very informative about communication tools that can be used to reach a variety of audiences. It will help us to better use our communication resources.
  • The course was very relevant to our church
  • It helps people to reflect on what you are doing (communication) in your church and offering ideas how to tweak it and/or include new ideas.

Hospitality 101

  • Sometimes we “go with the flow” and are not really thinking about what other people are seeing or thinking
  • Provides a different perspective then what we’re used to
  • I wish our entire congregation would attend

Leadership Team

  • Everyone can always enhance their leadership skills
  • Working with teams is crucial to the work of the church

Back to Basics

  • Gives ideas you didn’t realize were there
  • Given a lot of knowledge and a lot to think about

Membership Growth & Retention

  • Good for all churches/denominations to look at their true purpose
  • Very relevant to issues/ challenges of today’s churches! Info presented honestly  & forthrightly with content relating to our personal situations.
  • Attendees can get ideas that would help with hospitality and outreach possibilities

Held at Community EC, Sinking Spring:

Held at Hamburg Seventh Day Adventist, Hamburg:


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