Maximum CEO Impact Leadership / Discipleship Training

Thursday & Friday, May 16th & 17th

Dr. Dean Radtke –Founder & CEO of the Ministry Institute 

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Why are so many Pastors and Ministry Leaders overwhelmed, burned out, frustrated, and contemplating quitting? – Because they have not been properly trained on how to EXECUTE!


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Ministry CEOs worldwide are in dire need of proper training that will provide the foundational methods & systems required to build a successful and efficiently functioning organization for all God wants to accomplish through them, equipping them to reach escalating levels of ministry effectiveness.

Pastors and Ministry & Business Leaders must have the training that will keep them strong in their calling, with a protected anointing, a quality personal life with God and family, and the capability of developing future generations of leaders for a lasting legacy.

For this purpose, Reading Berks Conference of Churches is hosting the 2019 Ministry Management & Leadership Training Conference and has invited Dr Dean R. Radtke of Institute of Ministry Management & Leadership, an international vision facilitator, ministry and corporate counselor, and strategic planner to disciple the leaders of Reading!

Dr. Dean Radtke is coming to Reading PA to help YOU move beyond the stresses of everyday life, limitations, and fear—with eye-opening wisdom, power-packed strategies, and life-changing ideas that will take you beyond your capabilities and into your God-given potential as Pastor, Ministry Leader, or Business Leader, so you can seize what God has already promised you.!

Dr Radtke’s heart breaks with a burden for God’s leaders who have a call on their lives to impact the world, but do not possess the strategies and tools needed to build a high performance organization and leave a legacy.

Learn the steps to strategic planning that will transform the way you lead those around you and help you purge the aching void of underachievement, whether in ministry or business. You will discover how to eliminate stagnation, mediocrity, minutiae, crisis, and chaos.

You will receive step-by-step training on how to grow your ministry/business using new tools in leadership and organization, including scripturally based foundational concepts you need to in order to thrive in Kingdom leadership.  This training of executive concepts is comparative to a caliber taught at the nation’s top business schools and has been proven successful in building billion dollar corporations & ministries of every size!

This 2-day information-packed Conference is FREE. There will be a love offering taken so Dr. Radtke can share this information affordably to other Pastors and Ministry leaders around the globe.

About Dr. Radtke:

Dr. Radtke is the Founder & CEO of the Ministry Institute. He has 35 years of senior corporate and ministry leadership and management experience — a lifetime of proven excellence with an exceptional record of results. Dr. Dean R. Radtke is a national and international vision facilitator, ministry and corporate counsel, and strategic planner.

He conducts worldwide performance workshops and is a leader in professional and personal performance coaching. Dr. Radtke advises ministry and business leaders worldwide, protecting their anointing, equipping and positioning them to be extraordinary leaders producing extraordinary results.

He has developed a burden and in-depth understanding of the challenges facing vital leaders — having worked directly for Admiral John S. McCain, U.S. Atlantic Fleet; James E. Preston, Chairman Avon Products, Inc.; Les Wexner, Chairman The Limited, Inc.; multi-billion dollar, Fortune 500 companies; and as Executive Director for Pastor Rod Parsley, Breakthrough Television and World Harvest Church.

In great demand as retained counsel to a wide range of ministries and mega churches, Dr. Radtke conducts national and international leadership, management, methods, and performance workshops — working with men and women of God who hold a powerful purpose and vision, strategically placed for these end times, equipping them to be all they can be.

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