The GoodIdea/Make it Applicable

How very important it is that we gain knowledge. How very important it is that we gain understanding from that knowledge. And then what happens, we gain wisdom from that understanding.

Last evening while at an event, a gentlemen shared with me that he is searching for a way to make the word of God applicable to and in his life.

He has a church, he is active in his church however he is not understanding how God’s word works in his everyday life. I have heard this before….even out of my own mouth.

I believe that many of us are or have been in this same spot. Seeking and searching for truth which applies to us. How do I find this? Where do I go to hear this? Great questions.

I tell you that I found the answers in my quest for “and what does this do for me” question through foundational teaching and revelation through the precious Holy Spirit.

I saw the words come alive in my spirit when I understood truth of the knowledge of His word….which produced wisdom in me. The truth which surpasses all understanding. The truth which is contrary to man’s truth. The truth of God which lifts you higher and higher.

May I encourage us all today to seek out understanding of His word. Go where you have to go. Talk with whomever you need to talk with. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what God’s word means in your life.

As a follower of Jesus Christ you are asked to walk His walk, and talk His talk…well how can you do that if you have not receive His word as applicable to your life…..His Word which is JESUS CHRIST.

His WORD, Jesus Christ is relational, sit down, get comfortable and allow His Spirit to wash over you in love and life….enjoy finding out about you according to what HIS WORD reveals. Nancy

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