The Good Idea – The Arrow

This morning I was pondering the fact that as parents we prepare our children to leave the nest. We encourage their growth so that we can send them out. Think about it….we rear them to send them out. Now look at Jesus, He calls us back to send us out.

“It’s only in the calling back that you can be sent out.” The arrow is pulled back (us) so that we can be launched forward. We need His perfecting. We need His timing. We need His love. We need His instruction. We need Jesus for a successful journey. Only He can prepare our hearts for the call.

As parents we start in forward motion….preparing to send forward. Jesus asks us to return to Him so that we can be thrust forward in Him. Wow, how awesome is that? Pulled back to go forward.

Now here is the fun part for me…..without prior knowledge to the revelation in this, I took out a necklace which I have only worn a couple of times and I put it on replacing my cross necklace. Guess what the necklace is…..yep you are right, an arrow. Jesus is speaking loudly.

How He brings it altogether for His body, for His message, for His delivery. He is a good, good Father. Allow Him to shoot you straight, for the path He made for us is straight.  – Nancy

Proverbs 3:6 (TLV)

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

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