TSN Neighborhood Initiative – South Reading

It is powerful when churches are connected and empowered to not only address poverty in their neighborhood, but to also grow and flourish themselves!

In June of 2018, TSN launched the South Reading Neighborhood Initiative.  This team represents:

  • Eight (8) neighborhood church congregations
  • Joined by an additional seven (7) supporting church congregations
  • With twenty-five (25) + volunteers represented

With support from World Challenge in Colorado Springs, CO, we began a journey of discovery and learning that will have lasting impact in the city.

A relationship with Tyson Schoener Elementary School in South Reading began in Summer of 2019, as a starting point of building relationships. Our team began by adopting the garden area at the school, with the goal of getting students and their families involved in the upkeep and growth of the garden.  Characters are being developed by team members in cooperation with the principal at the school. These characters, based on the garden and tools used there, will help integrate fun life lessons for the students.

Mission & Impact

Currently we are learning about poverty and the mindset of it. We so often focus on physical poverty, while motivational, relational, health and spiritual poverty are having deeper negative impact. We are learning how to draw strengths out of people, to help them understand their strengths and then release them in those strengths. Simultaneously, we are unleashing a model and system of leadership development that is equipping church congregations at levels they have desired for years. These two trainings are working together to bring strength to neighborhood churches and equip them to empower people in their neighborhood to move beyond the poverty they are in today.

As we realize success we will move to another neighborhood and repeat the process. Churches working together will change the culture of poverty we currently see throughout ReadinWe are on the front of a time-line of impact. Training that is happening today and throughout the next year is empowering churches to build relationships with people in their neighborhood and empower those same people to new levels of growth and sustainability.  Using the model we are learning from World Challenge, a lasting impact will be measurable in South Reading within three to five years.

Our vision:

A community-based initiative, led by the love of Jesus, advancing Reading by creating leaders through growth opportunities, utilizing life skillsand mentorship for professional, personal, and spiritual growth.  We will establish a generational succession plan for economic, social, intellectual, and spiritual sustainability.


As we engage Reading neighborhoods, as a unified group, we invite you to consider how you can play a part. Time, talent and financial resources are all needed to build a long-term initiative, bringing lasting change to our community. Please contact us to offer your support!

Watch a video with Nancy Lennert, RBCC Board President talking with Pastor Lisa Pena and Rev. Jerry Jones about Transformative Solutions: VIDEO

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