We have begun a new initiative called “Transformative Solutions”. Transformative Solutions is focused on addressing the root causes of poverty through a unique approach that can grow well beyond our region. World Challenge, a dynamic organization out of Colorado Springs, CO, has partnered with us, to guide us in establishing a firm foundation from which we are building upon. The approach is fairly simple, yet very powerful. It is based upon the Church (A collective group of various Christian pastors & their congregations) working together while partnering with other people and organizations in the city. In this unique approach, we walk together as One fulfilling the desire of Jesus’ heart laid out to his first followers. Work in unity and love, and the world will be changed.


                             Our core values:

*  help people thrive 

*  love others

*  continually build relationships

*  be a blessing to others

*  work together

*  serve above being serve

*  encounter the Holy Spirit


Our vision:

A community-based initiative, led by the love of Jesus, advancing Reading by creating leaders through growth opportunities, utilizing life skills and mentorship for professional, personal, and spiritual growth.  We will establish a generational succession plan for economic, social, intellectual, and spiritual sustainability.




As we engage Reading neighborhoods, as a unified group, we invite you to consider how you can play a part. Time, talent and financial resources are all needed to build a long-term initiative, bringing lasting change to our community. Please contact us to offer your support!


Watch a video with Nancy Lennert, RBCC Board President talking with Pastor Lisa Pena and Rev. Jerry Jones about Transformative Solutions: VIDEO



Thank you for contacting us. We will be in touch with you soon.


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