Transformative Solutions

Transformative Solutions

We are in the developmental phase of a new initiative called “Transformative Solutions”. Transformative Solutions is focused on addressing poverty using a model that can be duplicated well beyond our region. World Challenge, a dynamic organization out of Colorado Springs, CO has partnered with us to guide us and help us establish a firm foundation which we can build upon. The model is fairly simple, yet very powerful as it is successfully executed. It is based upon the Church (Meaning a collective group of various congregations) working together while partnering with other people and organizations at work in the city. It’s not a new concept. It’s one, as followers of Jesus, He laid out to the first Christians. Work together, and the world will be changed.

So, we set out to establish a core leadership team that was willing to work together, around a common faith, with the belief that by walking side-by-side we can impact a city that has been labeled one of the poorest in the country for years. Our goal is to build relationships in a neighborhood in Reading and work with those neighbors to see them realize the dreams and visions they have for themselves and their city. Instead of a single church congregation going about this, we asked church congregations to work together. Right now we have number of congregations excited about this vision and ready to walk it out together. Beyond the neighborhood pastors and congregations, we have another eight church congregations represented on our core leadership team that are ready to join in and invest into the neighborhood we have identified as our starting point.
As we engage this neighborhood, as a unified group, we invite you to consider how you can play a part. Time, talent and finical resources are all needed to build a long-term initiative, which will bring lasting change to a hurting community. Please contact us to offer your support!


Some basic information about this initiative:

Beyond physical poverty, there are additional forms of poverty that keep people from being free of systemic poverty. Relational, motivational, and spiritual poverty to name a few. This is where our team will focus in Reading. We will compliment the many efforts to assist people with their physical needs.

Our core leadership team is together and beginning to develop relationships with neighbors in South Reading. Our goal is empowerment above relief, while focusing on these core values:

  • helping people thrive
  • loving others
  • continually building relationships
  • sharing the blessings
  • uniting church and community to work together
  • keeping a posture of serving above being served  

Stay connected with us for updates on this long-term work and opportunities to be part of on-going Transformative Solutions!


Thank you for contacting us. We will be in touch with you soon.


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