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Help provide urgent relief for People Affected by Cyclone Idai.

Flooding in Southern Africa has affected more than 2.5 million people in Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe since rains begain in early March and Cylclone Idai struck March 14 and 15. Waters are still rising, as is the death toll – now in the hundreds, but expected to exceed 1,000 people.

Idai is the strongest cyclone on record in the Southern Hemisphere. The U.N. children’s agency estimates that 260,000 children are affected. Heavy rains continue to pound the region, likely leading to more lives lost, people displaced, and property destroyed.

Your Church’s love offering to the Cyclone Idai Relief Fund will help provide the rapid delivery of life-saving supplies as well as long term support to help vulnerable families and children as they recover:

  • Emergency Food
  • Clean water
  • Shelter and blankets to keep warm and dry
  • Emergency health services
  • Child-Friendly spaces that offer kids a safe place to play and heal
  • Hygiene and cooking kits
  • Education to help communities for future disasters

You can bring hope and restoration, when disaster strikes.

At World Vision, stewardship is an integral part of everything we do. In rare cases where donations exceed what is needed, or where local conditions prevent program implementation, World Vision will redirect funds to similar activities to help children and families in need. The multiplying effect from grants and donated goods may change throughout the year on identical or similar offers due to variations in the start and end dates of donor grants and our programs.


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